Travel bag types

Traveling is just not traveling without packing bags to take for the trip. When you venture places to travel, then you will need to pack your bag with the things you want to bring with you on your journey. Bags are essential in storing your possessions and carrying your belongings with you. When you go on a trip, you will need to choose your travel bag wisely. Whether for leisure, business, or visiting family and friends, there is a handful variety to choose from. Here are three main types of travel bag suited to be your traveling companion.


cuvq04fkA suitcase is a variety of luggage that has hinges so that it could open like a door. A modern suitcase has wheels and an adjustable retractable handle. It is very handy and versatile. Suitcases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Luggage offer different features like expandability, durability, waterproof materials, and much more. This type of travel bag is ideal for people who have a lot of stuff to bring with them don’t want to sprain their arm by carrying something heavy. It is also perfect for children since it is a rolling bag, so they don’t have to deal with weighty luggage. Suitcases are usually more professional looking and are also perfect for those going on their business trips.


A backpack is a sack for carrying your things on your back that is secured by two straps that go over your shoulders. A backpack is versatile and mobile. There are a lot of sizes and features to choose from. If you choose a larger backpack, it could fit almost as much as a suitcase, and it is easier to run with, but be careful that the weight may hurt your back. Other than a normal backpack, there is a rolling backpack which essentially is a backpack with wheels. This could be a handy bag since you could wear it on your bag or drag it by its wheels. Although this type of backpack usually comes in a smaller size, it is more mobile and better for your health and safety.

Duffel bag

biae3yhgn85Duffel bags are big sports bag type packs that you wear over your shoulder. It is quite long and has a large middle compartment where you can fit a large quantity of your possessions. They are flexible, and they can fit into the overhead compartments with ease. They are ideal for travelers who want versatility or carry equipment with them that they don’t want to be stored in baggage holds.…